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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity


Handicraft centre building project, Thailand

    Mountain villagers in Thailand survive on farming and making handicraft to sell at the weekly local market. Instead of spending time travelling to the local market to sell their handicrafts through an agent, a handicraft centre could be built in the village centre and tourist could come to buy the handicraft directly from the villagers. The villagers could earn more as there is no agent fee. Funds and manpower are needed to build these handicraft centres.

2007 Ban Pha Mon community library project, Thailand Victoria Junior College

    40 students and 4 teachers from Victoria Junior College spent 9 exciting days providing service learning to a Blue Hmong hill tribe village in Northern Thailand.

    The main project was to provide build a community cum library building for the 51 households of 280 Blue Hmong population in Ban Pha Mon. A linear settlement of 41 thatched and zinc roofed wooden houses, the villagers' main income is from subsistence farming, rearing domestic livestock and working at the Royal Thai Project. They do not have a communal area where they could get together to discuss on important village issues. The community cum library building provides a place for them to read up on the latest development on agriculture and for discussions.

Community library project, Thailand

    Villages in the northern mountainous area of Thailand are busy with their currently daily farming work. They do not have resources to learn new skills so as to improve their outputs for their farming. A community library is needed for villagers to get together to discuss on important village issues and the library books allow them to read up on the latest development and knowledge on agriculture.

2006 Heart of Siam II, Thailand

2006 Heart of Siam II, Thailand Ngee Ann Secondary School