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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity


Build Rotary Ban Pha Mon School for 3 Class rooms

    Build Rotary Ban Pha Mon School for 3 Class rooms , canteen and teacher’s room donated by ROTARY CLUB OF RAFFLES CITY (SINGAPORE)

Water Tank Project : Sustainable Water for the World.

Water Tank Project : Sustainable Water for the World from Anglo-Chinese School (International) 2006- 2007 at Ban Pha Mon

Nature trail development and forest augmentation, Thailand

    Eco-tourism helps the local community and protects the environment. Many tourists visit the forest in northern Thailand. Proper trails are needed to prevent erosion by the countless of tourists visitng the forest. Manpower are needed to repair and construct new trails so that the forest beauty could be preserved for many future generations to enjoy.

Road building project, Thailand.

    Villages in the northern mountainous area of Thailand are about 600 to 1500 metres above sea levels. The road to reach their villages are steep and unpaved. During rainy seasons, the villagers are unable to descend to the local town to sell their farming goods. They have to carry it down. Funds and manpower are needed to pave some of these steep roads.

2007 Heart of Siam III, Thailand Ngee Ann Secondary School

    Continuation of their third year community involvement programme in Thailand, 25 students and teachers from Ngee Ann Secondary School (Singapore) spent 1 week plus to build a handicraft centre for the small group of northern Thai mountain tribes. This handicraft centre will empower the tribe villager to market and display their handicraft for visiting tourist to buy. The sales of these handicraft will go towards improving the standard of living for these villagers. Beside the construction of this handicraft centre, they also learn basic Thai language, and experienced the traditional Northern Thai Khantoke Dinner. In addition to their trip, they also visited the local orphanage and hosted a dinner with them.