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Thai Youth Community Foundation
Serve youth, love Earth, love humanity

2006 Heart of Siam II, Thailand

2006 Heart of Siam II, Thailand Ngee Ann Secondary School

    Just before the start of year end school holidays, 22 students and teachers from Ngee Ann Secondary School (Singapore) travelled to northern Thailand to build a water filtration tank for a small group of northern Thai mountain tribes. On the first day, students and teachers learnt basic Thai language, prepared the materials for the project, and experienced the traditional Northern Thai Khantoke Dinner. The following 5 days were spent at the village. Students and teachers built the water filtration tank under the supervision of the project manager. Other times, they taught songs and games at the school in the village. They also distributed clothes and used toys collected from Singapore. On the last day, a heart warming closing ceremony between the local and the students and teachers. The students and teachers proceed to visit the elephant park and did some exicitn bamboo rafting adventure before returning back to Singapore.

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